Our Founder

Rasheena Jarreau was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia where she graduated from Georgia State University with a bachelors degree in biological sciences. She went on to become certified in radiologic technology and currently works full time as a MRI technologist.
Rasheena established Earthen Imprints LLC in 2019 when she decided to turn her favorite hobbies, crystal collecting and candle making, into an e-commerce business. Through her business, Rasheena provides consumers with quality home decor items inspired by nature, as it holds near and dear to her heart.
In recent months, upon seeing the current state of the world around her, Rasheena has been moved to educate herself on heavy issues plaguing our planet, such as climate change, pollution, and deforestation. Rasheena is currently taking online courses to gain the knowledge needed to lessen her personal carbon footprint and to effectively move Earthen Imprints LLC toward sustainability. Today, she uses her business as a platform to promote environmentalism.